Lyman Lures Fishing Plug Reviews…

I have been using lymans for a couple years now. They were introduced to me by a friend. He said you have to try these wood plugs. He said they act different and really mimic wounded fish, and the action was crazy. Well let me tell ya, I purchased some in different sizes and trolled for trout and stripe bass. The fish inhaled these things!! These plugs worked awesome!! I doubled my catch rate and pretty much out fished my fishing partners. I am going to use on a trip to Florida, they are my go to lure. Thanks for making a great product that does exactly what you said it does…. and that is catch fish.

AT, San Jose, CA

Last october on an annual week long fishing trip to southhamptom ontario with my dad and a buddy I was having no luck the first 5 days.

I had fish on but they were not taking the lures good. So I went to a store and purchased a #10 size 3 lyman. and the next 2 days I have never caught and released so many rainbow trout. They hammered that lure. so I would like to say thanks for turning my trip around. Now I have to fill up my tackle box with lymans

Richard Friedrich

I had heard that the double jointed 5″ Sebile lures were beating out your Lyman plugs on Lake Pend Oreille, ID during some contests. So I purchased 4 Sebile 5″ lures. I already had 4 of your 4″ plugs all in the cloudy day colors. So my buddy and I trolled just two rods and fished a Sebile and a “dark day” Lyman 4″ plug. It was low overcast with no sun all 3 days we fished. The Sebile’s are all very bright & shiny. So the “dark day” colors of your plugs may have played a role. Whatever, your Lyman’s won out. I must admit I was surprised as the Sebiles have a loud rattle, too. I am starting to keep a log on Lake PO in an effort to figure out just what lures to use there. In those 3 days we caught 10 rainbows on your plugs and 7 on the shiny Sebile’s. None of the trout were very big but the largest one happened to hit a Lyman. It was lots of fun in a beautiful place! I have a fishing buddy, who turned me on to your plugs, who fishes Lake Koocanusa near Eureka, MT, and has really good luck with your 4″ plugs also on Kamloops. He told me I was crazy if I didn’t try your plugs so I did. And, as you know, I am now ordering up 9 more!

Bruce Wheeler – Missoula, Montana

I live in Western Montana and have been learning to fish for Lake Trout (Macks). While traveling last summer in Libby Montana I stopped in at the Libby Sport Center and talked fishing with them. A lure they recommended was the Lyman 4#147 so I bought one. After trolling it (deep, 100+ feet) in Flathead and repeatedly catching Mack after Mack, (as compared to ANYTHING on my other downrigger) I called them and they shipped me two more! Tonight we caught another, see photo sent of our friend holding one of the fish. NOW… to make the story more interesting… I am an avid Largemouth Bass fisherman also. During the Month of July I used that same size 4 #147 to catch bass here in Western Montana. Using that one lyman lure, I outcaught everyone else who fished with me, night after night. Just for kicks, I’d supercharge the glow in the dark paint with a camera flash and it looked like a tracer being cast out into the dark. I caught numerous Bass between 2 and 4 lbs with this one lure. SO… When I went pike fishing on the river a couple weeks ago… The Lyman Lure was my “Go To” lure for Northerns… And of course, it worked fantastic. Thank you so much for a great product. Gotta love anything that works so well for so many species. As always,

Andy Larsson

“If you want to catch fish you better have some Lyman’s in your boat!”
Plugs are an essential tool for catching fish and Lyman plugs help me consistently catch fish for my clients year around.
Having been a”Pro Staff” for over 20 years I have seen some changes and news colors that have only made these lures better.
Yet one fact remains the same, wood is better and that is what gives the Lyman it’s fish like erratic wobble.
For big water trolling I wouldn’t be without some size 4 and 5’s in colors 10,13,40,84,98 and of course “Shazam!” (# 69)
For KokaneeI have had great success with sizes 1 or 2 in numbers 32, 40, 61, 90


Rod Hennig – Rodney’s Reel Outdoors Fishing Charters

Hello Lyman Staff I had to send you this picture. I went to Pyramid on Thursday and caught the fish of a lifetime. I want to thank Brad Stout again for turning me onto the Lyman’s. What a great lure. I have spent countless hours fishing Pyramid and never caught one like this. This was my first trip with the Lyman’s and the results were unbelievable . I will be telling all my fishing buddies they need this lure in if they want to catch fish.

Best Regards,

Pat McGruder

“Lyman plugs are always at the front of my tackle box, because they consistently put fish in the boat for my clients.”

Brad Stubbs Kootenay King
Fisher Guiding Services

Brad Stubbs

Here at Mo Fisch Charters I have used Lyman Lures with great success for the past eight years. I use the 4″ wooden plugs for hybrid rainbow trout. I troll Lake Koocanusa on the surface for winter rainbows. By biggest rainbow to date is a 19.5lb beauty. That big fish was caught on a silver/black Lyman. Many bull trout have also fallen to the aggressive action of Lyman Lures. I also use Lyman’s for lake trout on Flathead Lake here in N.W. Montana. Many 20lb plus lakers have fallen to a Lyman plug trolled in 200ft of water with downriggers. I always recommend Lyman Lures at all my seminars as well on my blogs.

Bob Orsua – Mo Fisch Charters

Hi Colin, I was fishing on Kootenay lake last weekend and i caught a nice 12.6 lb., Rainbow and it was on my favorite lyman plug. I also had a nice one on that got away, and i was using a Lyman plug as well. Thanks for providing lots of excitment for me.

Bud Heald

Lyman lures are the greatest. i have fished three different times with them and we have caught bigger macs each time we fished. the lures you made me special are working great as well as all the others depending on light conditions. We have caught macs already that are 17 lbs, 18, 20 ,2-21,24, 28, 31, and 38lbs in just three trips thanks i will use and recommend your product to anyone who wants to catch big Lake Trout. Thanks again Brian Lee West Point Utah.

Brian Lee

My Success with Lyman Lures
By freelance outdoor writer – David C. Kimble
In the early eighties I went on a staff fishing trip to Bonaparte Lake north of Kamloops. While I struggled to catch a few two-pound rainbows on my flies I watched another staff member catching much bigger fish while trolling. The next day I too trolled as he did, with a three-inch perch-scale Lyman plug and we both took numerous four-to-eight pound rainbows. Lyman plugs have had prominent spots in my tackle boxes ever since. Most of them are four-inch models on which I’ve managed to catch Rainbow Trout over 16-pounds as well as numerous large lake trout, bull trout, kokanee (over six-pounds) as well as burbot and walleye. During spring and summer I often have great success using the 9-inch Lyman Plugs for bull trout in lakes such as Kinbasket and North Arrow. When I got my first salt water assignment to an un-guided lodge in Knight Inlet I didn’t know anything about cutting and trolling with herring so, out went my all-white Lyman plug which I dropped to 80-feet with a downrigger. I was the only one to catch my limit out of 24 guests and all of my salmon had hit that white Lyman plug. Since then I’ve taken salmon up to 37-pounds using Lyman plugs and I’ve won more than $3000.00 in various trout derbies with fish taken on my good old standby Lyman plugs. On big British Columbia lakes it has been and it will remain my go-to lure whenever I’m after truly big fish.

David C. Kimble – Outdoor Writer

“Lyman Lures are a mainstay in the tackle boxes of Anglers that fish the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. When the fishing gets tough you can always count on a Lyman to bring in that Trophy fish”

Walter Oster Chairman / Tournament Director
Great Ontario Salmon Derby

Walter Oster

On October 4th of 2009, Living Positive Resource Centre held a charity fishing derby to raise funds to support individuals living with HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis C in the Okanagan Valley. The planning process was stressful: after soliciting as many prize donations from local businesses that we could and sending the logo-filled posters to the printer, I had a sinking feeling that our prizes would not be enough. Then I received an email from Colin Redisky at Lyman Lures, wanting to donate.

Even though they were aware that it was too late for the Lyman Lures logo to show up on any of our promotional material, they still proceeded to make the largest donation in monetary value of any of our sponsoring businesses – and using his personal contacts, Colin Redisky, Lyman Lures President, even took it upon himself to ensure the fishing derby was receiving widespread media attention.

The generosity showed to us by Lyman Lures far surpassed any of our expectations. Thanks to them, each of the anglers who participated in the derby had something to bring home – even if it wasn’t a fish.

The staff at Living Positive Resource Centre, including myself, are extremely grateful to Colin and the team at Lyman Lures for their amazing show of support, and wish them much success with their business so that they may continue to make such a positive impact on the community.

Sheila Kerr

Prevention, Outreach, and Harm Reduction Coordinator
Living Positive Resource Centre

Sheila Kerr

My fishing partner and I were introduced to Lyman Lures by an acquaintance last year upon showing us his day’s catch of large trout he caught with a silver Lyman. I bought some and used them on a fishing trip to the Chilcotin country this summer. My partner and I fished six different lakes and had great success using the gold and rainbow colored lures, catching lots of rainbows in the five pound range in all the lakes. The Lyman Lures out hooked my partner’s various flatfish lures by about eight to one, finally convincing him to switch to Lyman also. We have restocked our tackle boxes with Lyman Lures and are looking forward to another exciting summer of fishing more of the great trout lakes in the Chilcotin country.

Don Hartman

We have used Lyman Lures for a great many years and have them in all shapes and sizes. We have had great luch catching everything from small sunfish to some very large Atlantic Salmon in Georgian bay. The majotrity of lures in our tackle boxes come from Lyman. Is there anything better? Thank you for supplying us with so many wonderful options and making our expeditions fruitful. We look forward to fishing with Lyman for many years to come.

Jennifer Taylor

Hi Colin:
The prize package arrived safely yesterday morning. This year has been extremely hard getting sponsors with the challenging economic conditions. Your help has been a blessing to us.
Thanks again,

Wayne Sheridan

Wayne Sheridan

Hi Colin,
I was in your shop in Kelowna on May 28, 2009 and really enjoyed the tour of the manufacturing facility. At that time I bought several lures for our 8 party annual fishing trip to Northern Quebec. Each year, over the course of 7 days, we pull several good size Northern Pike and Walleye from the Gouin Reservoir and this year was no exception.

As a gift I gave everyone a Lyman Lure and we selected a day to fish specifically with your lures. There was some skeptics that believed only lakers and salmon would go for these lures. What a great dat we had with the lures. Pike and Walleye love these tempting plugs when trolled at a slow speed. They just inhale them. Black/yellow and pink/white worked the best. Next was the green/yellow. Those fishing the black with sparkles did not do as well, probably the water colour or light conditions. I will be placing an order for more “wooden plugs” real soon.

We had a great time and your lures made me look like a fishing guru. Attached are pictures for you to enjoy and use at your option. Please thank all your staff that made my visit and my fishing a memorable experience.

Thanks again.

Regards, Paul R. Walkington

Paul Walkington